History of Human Excellence.

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Excellence is defined as "what works now and in the long term."

Excellence emerged independently from China and Mesopotamia first, then spread through the mobile cultures of the Jews and Phoenicans to blossom in ancient Greece.

Excellence, spread by wandering Greeks and Jews to Rome, stabilised and consolidated for a long time.

After a thousand years of building up tension, excellence exploded across the East Coast of the United States, synthesizing the absolute best and greatest strengths of the past.

Developing a unique new culture of human excellence, the focus of human excellence in the 20th century moved to the West Coast of the United States.

Excellence quietly shifted to Japan in the 90s. The little known details of this shift - the secret power at the heart of modern international economics - will be discussed and explored in this group.

Japan's stability and the United States' dynamism has brought the focus of human excellence to the entire rim of the Pacific.

The shift of world power to the Pacific and away from western Eurasia significantly alters the pattern of world power.

Nations that have risen to the level of their incompetence and are unwilling to take on any more than they can afford are crumbling or exploding from within. The source of excellence in the Middle East and China, whence it originated thousands of years ago, strive to embody excellence within crushing cultural limitations which the "new world" has no problem with.

This new world of human excellence spans the entire pacific rim: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Guandong in China, Singapore, Vancouver, San Francisco and L.A.

These dynamics are influenced by stable forms of human excellence in Britain and Japan.

In the past, stable of growth of over 400 years is embodied in Great Britain. This pattern of stable growth exerts enormous influence over Europe and the West Coast of America.

Likewise in the future, stable consumer savings in Japan have produced the peaceful future form of human excellence, and act as a passive provocation to their spendthrift neighbours China, Korea, the US. and South East Asia, embodying more sober and sustainable forms of excellence which the rest of the West has yet to adopt.

The choice is ours: save and invest like Japan and Britain, or boom and bust like the US and Middle East. RSS Feed what is XML?

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